My favorite thing as an instructor is to see kids busting out of their comfort zones, and mastering techniques they once struggled with. 

Kids at MCDA and Mountain Kids come to class with so much excitement about what they’re learning. That kind of atmosphere is amazing for kids to learn and grow in more ways than one.

For example, movement and expression can be one in the same. How many people do you think would feel worse after putting on some music and jumping around in their homes?

Having a physical outlet that’s good for the body and mind is essential in my book. And dancing is incredible for so many reasons. Aside from learning technique, there are other skills dancers develop as well.

Perhaps one of the most applicable outside the studio is being comfortable in front of people. Dancers are often able to handle crowds, public speaking, and performances much easier the more exposure they get at a young age.

Dancers have plenty of practice “going for it” and accepting wins and losses as they come. What an incredible avenue for personal growth.

Does that mean I never get nervous publicly speaking? Absolutely not. It does mean that I know I can handle it.

Some kids are afraid to fail. I believe dance is an incredible avenue to help them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen short of my own or my parents’ expectations, and I can’t tell you how many kids have failed in my classes.

The best thing about dance is seeing kids pick themselves up and try again, and master their skills with each passing year.

“The master has failed more than the beginner has even tried.” — Stephen McCranie

There are kids who come out of their shells, meet other kids in the area, pursuing other arts and sports due to their new foundations in dance…the works!

I understand that this blog is mostly an opinion piece rooted in my own experiences. But as a prior scientist and researcher, I present you a study where smiling in the mirror shows to actually improve your mood and outlook.

We already know what exercise does for your body and mind. Add the fact that smiling is a regular occurrence in students every time I teach class, and I think that’s a recipe for a healthy, happy person.

I love that at Mountain Kids, we offer a variety of ways to feed these hungry minds through many different disciplines of dance. Dance allows flexibility, strength, endurance, art, and emotion to come together for all ages and has immediate effects! What an activity for a child to engage in each and every week.

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– Dance Instructor Sarah P.