As a parent, winter in Colorado can be bittersweet.

With the arrival of the first snowfall, you probably picture story time by the fireplace, family ski trips and movie nights. 

A few hour later your fantasies are interrupted by the familiar sound of your kids running wild through the house, followed by what may be a cry for help from one of them.

Kids still need to be stimulated and active, no matter the weather outside. And they’re guaranteed to find a way to do it — even if it involves wrestling each other, chasing the pets or tumbling over the couch.

But this year, you can be prepared. If you could create the perfect holiday gift for your kids that included fun, education, and confidence building, then look no further than Mountain Kids Winter Camps.

What to Know About Mountain Kids Winter Camps

Our winter camps take place January 2-4. Camp runs from 9am-4pm. We also have after care from 8:00am-5:30pm for no added cost.

You can choose whether your children attend winter camp for 1 or all 3 days. Tuition is $98 for 1 day, $195 for 2, and 260 for 3 days. We also offer a 10% off discount for siblings.

Mountain Kids Winter Camp Activities

From gymnastics to dance to ninja class, your child will be provided with plenty of activities to keep them happy and healthy. Read on to learn more about the activities offered at our Winter camps!


Whether you have a seasoned gymnast on your hands or a kid who’s ready to try something new, our gymnastics courses may be a great fit.

Gymnastics are great for a child’s body and mind. Not only does it give children the typical benefits of an active lifestyle, but joining a gymnastics class can also provide social benefits.

Gymnastics provides an opportunity for children to join a team and encourage one another.

It also creates a healthy amount of challenge with plenty of milestones to help your kids see their progress and build confidence.

Children also improve motor skills, balance, and body awareness. This trifecta can help then excel in other activities they decide to try.

Ninja Classes

Is your kid into pretending they’re a super hero or a parkour professional?

Let them do it in a safe and educational environment with our ninja classes.

Ninja courses help teach kids spatial awareness, agility, better balance and safe landings.

Beyond that, they’ll build confidence, teamwork skills, and impulse control.

Our ninja gym provides obstacles and play sets your child has only dreamed of. Through mastering different ninja skills, they progress from level to level, giving them a goal to reach and a sense of accomplishment they’ll carry with them too other activities.

Ninja zone age groups are 3-4, 4-5, 5-7, and 8-11. From there, they’ll break into groups by their age groups and skill levels.


Dancing is for any weather!

If your child is a natural music lover, they’ll have a blast during the dance portion of our 2019 winter camps.

Dance isn’t just a fun way to move, it has some other surprising perks you may not have noticed. Some of those include:

Arts and Crafts

Chances are, if you’ve ever been to a camp yourself arts and craft was one of your favorite activities. You may be pleased to know the legacy lives on.

Did you know all those time painting and making picture frames were actually helping your character development?

For kids, creating art can aide in their development in countless ways:

  • They learn to express themselves in creative ways
  • They build upon their critical thinking abilities
  • They learn the fulfillment of productivity and follow through


Group games are probably one of the things your children will tell you all about first. That’s because they’re engaging, social, and challenging all at once.

They not only learn a fun new game to share with their friends from school, but they’ll build communication skills, team spirit, and most importantly make new friends.

Open Gym

As you know, sometimes children just want to run free. So we let them!

Our play and learn gym is a well-supervised, safe place for your kids to let it all out and have some playtime with their new friends.

Free play is important to have, as it allows children to let their imaginations run wild. They learn to make their own decisions and decide how plans will be executed.

They’ll also learn more about themselves and others, developing their own unique ways to connect with other kids.

Things to Remember:

Make sure your child is prepared for all our camp activities by packing them a water bottle, 2 snacks, and lunch. They’ll also need athletic socks and shoes and a change of clothing for gymnastics.

We offer the Snowflake Camp for preschoolers. They’ll get to do all the same activities as winter camp, plus story time!

Next time you feel like you’re running out of activities at home, you can find peace of mind knowing your children will be part of an active, enriching camp. It can even become an annual tradition!

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