At Mountain Kids, we believe in giving back to our community. As a testament to this value, we’ve partnered with the non-profit organization There with Care since 2012 to help support their cause. 

There with Care is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families and children who are facing a critical illness. Shortly before my own mother was diagnosed with cancer, she learned about There with Care through an article in Oprah’s magazine.

She introduced me to this amazing organization that provided support for children and families who were battling cancer and other critical illnesses. Since she passed away in 2009, working with There with Care was a way for me to feel like I could continue her legacy.

Every February, Mountain Kids throws a Sweet Heart Party where $5 from each enrollment goes to There with Care. And every May, our Spring Benefit Performance and Silent Auction helps to provide proceeds and boost awareness for There with Care’s important work.

Mountain Kids Wins the 2018 Inspiration Award

Late last year, Mountain Kids was honored by earning the 2018 Inspiration Award from There with Care.

Blurb from There with Care:

“The community of Mountain Kids Louisville has made a tremendous impact on families facing critical illness. Since March of 2012 each year they hold a fundraiser with an auction and through their performances, they help raise support to help families in a medical crisis. These community events help with our programs but they also build awareness of our work.

This award is given to local organizations that do the above to recognize their efforts in helping to support There with Care.”

We couldn’t be prouder to help support and highlight the important work that There with Care does for children struggling with critical illnesses and their families.

There with Care Spring Benefit Performance and Silent Auction

This award comes just in time for our upcoming Spring Benefit Performance and silent auction, where we will continue to offer our support and awareness of the organization.

  • Our next silent auction will begin on Friday, May 4th
  • Our Spring Benefit Performance will be held at Niwot High School on Saturday, May 11th.

2019 marks our 7th year working with There with Care. We love the opportunity to give back to our local community and helping to support local families in the midst of a medical crisis feels like very meaningful work.

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