Summer feels ages away, doesn’t it?

For at least a few more months, dodging ice patches on the sidewalk and enjoying cozy nights by the fireplace will remain a necessity. 

Flash forward to about 3 months from now. Summer has just begun, and the kids are already bored of the swimming pool. Play dates are always an option—until your kids’ best friends head out of town on family vacation.

And if you were really counting on one of those to finish painting your kitchen, you can say goodbye to that project, too!

Now you’re probably wishing you used one of those nights that you watched “The Bachelor” in your Snuggie to make some summer plans for the kids.

Cringing yet? Don’t panic.

Kick up your feet in those warm winter slippers and get back to relaxing, because now you have a one-stop-shop for summer activities. Make this summer a fun, safe, and activity-packed one by enrolling your kids in Mountain Kids Louisville summer classes today.

Summer Classes at Mountain Kids Louisville

Classes during summer may be the last thing your kid thinks they want to do. But at Mountain Kids, we redefine the classroom.

Your kids can choose from dance, gymnastics or NinjaZone classes. There’s also summer camps for kids of all ages. All our camps and classes encourage play, social skills, imagination, and healthy habits.

Registration begins in April, so it’s not too early to get planning!

Dance Classes

Dance is one of the most fun ways for kids to creatively express themselves. Not only that, but it keeps them active and smart!

Yep, you read that right. Dance has a positive impact on nearly all of your child’s body, including their brain.

Utilizing the parts of the brain that are required for coordination and motor function strengthens them, improving memory and building neural connections.

Our dance classes and camps are offered for children as young as toddlers all the way through adulthood, so if they enjoy it they can stick with it as they grow up.

Who knows? Maybe this summer you’ll be giving your child the gift of a new passion.

If your dancer enjoys variety, this is the perfect place for them. We offer all kinds of different dance styles:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Breaking
  • Contemporary

We are now taking dance class registration, so grab your child’s dance gear and get ready to watch them blossom! Check out our dance class schedule here >

Gymnastics Classes

What kid doesn’t love to tumble, flip, jump and swing? Gymnastics has all the physical fun your child can ask for, and all the perks you desire for your kids as a parent.

Gymnastics classes start with toddlers and run through school age. It provides unique benefits for every age group.

  • Toddler development benefits from gymnastics. They learn coordination, build strong bones, and learn to regulate their emotions.
  • Ages 3-5 improve their social skills, focus and learn how to follow rules.
  • Ages 5 and up meet their daily activity needs, build self-confidence, and learn injury prevention.


Mountain Kids NinjaZone is truly a dream come true for your little playground daredevil.

It combines elements of gymnastics, martial arts and parkour to help kids become the superhero they’ve always dreamed of being.

Kids will start as Lil’ Ninjas, where they’ll learn self-discipline and how to take healthy risks.

From there they graduate to the White level, where more moves are incorporated such as backflips and vaulting.

The Yellow level is for advanced ninjas age 5+. Here, they’ll dig into perfecting the moves they learned before with a few extra challenges.

After Yellow comes Green, where they become pro ninjas. They’ll learn to incorporate rolling, wall progressions and other awesome moves into the routines they’ve learned before.

Superstar Camp

Our preschooler Superstar Camp offers activities for your kiddos ages 3-6 yrs old. Your active little tykes will enjoy gymnastics and dance, plus a story, craft and snack time! A minimum of 4-week commitment is required (weeks don’t need to be consecutive).

When: Monday & Wednesday, May 29th thru August 7th*

Time: 9:30-12pm

Cost: $45/day or $80/2 days a week

Register for superstar camp here >

*Please note days your student will attend in the comment section when you register online

What’s better than a summer spent making new friends, staying active, and learning new things? Not much we can think of!

Are one (or all) of these classes getting you excited for your kid to experience? Make sure they get a spot by registering today »