Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and kids love to join in for some sweet fun with the family! 

Here are 5 ideas to try with your kiddos to create your own love-centered traditions this year.

  1. Create homemade valentines for the ones you love (or help your school-aged child fill out some store bought ones for their classmates!) You can go full-on Pinterest, or just get out some construction paper and markers and go to town.
    For younger children, a handprint or thumb print with a sweet message is sure to melt their parent or grandparent’s heart. And older kids may want to get creative and make a more complex work of art for one or two special family members or friends.
    Whether simple or a multi-step masterpiece, a little craft time together is sure to create loving memories for your children!
  2. Cook up some heart shaped yumminess! Take a typical breakfast, lunch or dinner food and make it heart- shaped to bring some extra love to your family this Valentine’s Day.
    You can cut toast into a heart shape and add some strawberry or raspberry jam, or use a heart-shaped mold for your pancake batter and add sliced strawberry “hearts” on top.
    Or, you can buy pizza dough and shape it into a heart on a cookie sheet and cover with sauce, cheese and the toppings your kids love. If you’re in a rush, there are some pizza places that offer heart-shaped pizzas for the holiday, too!
  3. Show some love! Have each family member decorate an envelope or decorate an empty box as a “mailbox”, and then fill up the envelopes with notes, stickers, little drawings etc. You can have kids be the “mailman” and deliver them to each family member once they’re all filled up.
  4. Watch a sweet family movie together, do a puzzle or play a game. Anything that gets the family together, laughing and having lots of fun!

Most importantly, take this opportunity to give extra hugs, kisses and cuddles, and tell your family why they’re so special to you, and how much you love them!

Valentines Day is a whole lot of fun for the whole family. But nothing tops your child’s favorite day of the year like their birthday.

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