One of our favorite holidays is just around the corner…National Gymnastics Day!

On September 19, 2020, gymnastics enthusiasts all over the country can come together (not literally — keep that mask on!) to celebrate a sport that’s not only loads of fun, but healthy for your mind and body, too.

In this guide to National Gymnastics Day, we’ll cover the important benefits of gymnastics, fun ways to celebrate this holiday, and details about our fall 2020 gymnastics classes!

The History of Gymnastics

Did you know gymnastics have been around since ancient Greece?

Originally, gymnastics was introduced to help Greek warriors prepare for battle. Back then, gymnasts would focus on things like tumbling and vaulting.

But there are other elements of gymnastics that we can trace back even further, all the way to 206 BC (or even before). There are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that portray backbends and similar moves. Further east, ancient China used tumbling in acrobatic performances.

By the Middle Ages, tumbling had spread to Europe, where it was used by all kinds of performers — including jugglers and actors.

Gymnastics were performed in the Ancient Greek Olympics, then again during a re-emergence in 1896. Today, gymnastics remains one of the most popular competitions in the Olympics, year after year.

The Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

While gymnastics provide countless health benefits for all ages, it’s especially useful or aiding in your child’s development.

Children need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per day to stay healthy. Exercise helps reduce their risk of illnesses like diabetes or heart disease, and helps cut back on stress and anxiety.

While an hour a day feels easy on summer days at the pool, that can get a little harder to manage in the winter.

Gymnastics is an all-weather sport that covers all the most important aspects of physical activity for children:

  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Speed
  • And more!

There are also plenty of social benefits to gymnastics. Not only do they make new friends in gymnastics classes, but they learn plenty of life skills like interacting with adults, waiting their turn, and encouraging others.

Your children might also reap academic rewards when they participate in gymnastics. The confidence and cognitive abilities they gain in sports has been proven to carry over into other school activities, resulting in better academic performance.

Ways to Celebrate National Gymnastics Day

National Gymnastics Day is being celebrated in creative ways all over the country. Here are a few you can get involved in:

1. Join the hashtag party

Take a fun photo that answers the question “Why Do You Love Gymnastics?” Add the hashtag #NGD2020 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, then search the hashtag to see other coaches, gymnasts, and fans!

2. Build a DIY gym in your backyard

Feeling handy? has a whole array of safe, easy-to-make gymnastics equipment. Add some mats and you have yourself a whole new activity to enjoy!

3. Play fun gymnastics games

There are plenty of ways to enjoy gymnastics at home with or without equipment.

Try out some gymnastics games like wheelbarrow races, where one person holds the ankles of the other as they try to “run” using their arms. Or try doing back bridges with the added challenge of high-fiving each other without losing your balance!

4. Watch your favorite gymnastics movie

Once your kids have gotten the wiggles out, enjoy a snack and a fun gymnastics movie. Netflix has over 20 options for kid-friendly gymnastics movies and documentaries. It might inspire them to keep at it!

5. Register for classes at Mountain Kids

What better way to celebrate than set your kids up for endless enrichment by enrolling them in one of our gymnastics classes? Our gymnastics classes are for ages 3 and up, and are broken down by age group and skill levels so you can rest assured your child is learning the right challenges for their age range.

Rainbow Riders — Ages 3-5

Preschoolers LOVE gymnastics! Enroll yours in Rainbow Riders, a fun, activity-filled gymnastics class that’s safe for the little ones.

Super Stars — Ages 5-7

Super Stars have 3 different learning levels. On the first level, they’re taught the bare basic of gymnastics, like stretching and forward rolls. Once they reach level 2, they’ll learn to do everything from cartwheels backward rolls and handstands (using the wall).

On Super Stars level 3, your child will be doing kickers, pullovers, and tons of other fun tricks they can show off.

Rising Stars — Ages 8+

Rising Stars are also divided into 3 levels, and the skills are similar but at higher skill levels. As they move through each level, they’ll learn to perfect skills like balance beam, handstands and more.

Shooting Stars – All Ages

When enrolled in Mountain Kids gymnastics classes, your children get the chance to join the Shooting Stars, a course that’s specifically tailored to children looking to explore a career in gymnastics.

They’ll also get a chance to join the USAG Girls & XCel Competitive Teams, where they’ll enjoy every benefit of gymnastics, including the feeling of having a second family that pushes them to new levels!

Now can you see why National Gymnastics Day is one fun holiday to celebrate? It’s great motivation to get your kids up and moving, and maybe introduce them to a healthy new hobby!

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