Class Schedules

2023/2024 Season Schedules

24/25 Season schedule will be available soon! Stay Tuned! Fall classes begin August 19th!

Tuition noted is per month, enrollment is continuous. Tuition is prorated based on your start date and moving forward debited as a convenient and consistent monthly payment.

Toddler Gymnastics Schedule (under age 3)

Twinkle Stars: ages 0-walking

Moonbeamers: ages Walking-3yrs

Preschool Gymnastics Schedule

Rainbow Rider: ages 3-5

Creative Ballet/Rainbow Rider: ages 3-5

Kids Gymnastics Schedule (5-12)

Girls Super Stars : ages 5-7

Girls Risings Stars: ages 8+

Girls Shooting Stars: ages 5+ (invitation only)

Dance Schedule

Primary Dance

An introductory creative dance curriculum for toddlers and young dancers

1 class per week recommended

Little Movers (Ages 2.5-3.5): An independently geared toddler dance class exploring movement concepts that help lay the foundation for expression, physical development, and body/mind connections.

Sweet Pea (Ages 3.5-6): Combination Tap/Ballet or Tap/Jazz classes for dancers to explore two styles of dance in a 45 minute class.

Combo Dance/Gym (Ages 3.5-5.5): Get the best of both dance and gymnastics! Class is split equally between the studio and the gym for kiddos to do introductory skills in both practices!

Adaptive Dance: A child independent creative movement class for younger children with physical and neurological diversity. Instructed by a licensed dance movement therapist.

Level 1

1st Grade through 3rd Grade (Ages 6* – 9)
*6 year olds must be in 1st grade or recommended by their Primary Dance teacher

1-2 classes per week recommended

Dancers who begin in dance at level 1 are introduced to the movement concepts and somatic technique associated with the particular style of dance for which they are registered. Those moving into level 1 from Primary Dance will continue to deepen and broaden their understanding of dance with more specific expectations through our experiential and fun classes.

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary/Modern
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Tap

Level 2

4th Grade through 6th Grade (Ages 9* – 12) 
*9 year olds must be in 4th grade or recommended by their Level 1 teacher 2-3 classes per week recommended In level 2, dancers continue to expand their knowledge and comprehension of the style of dance for which they are registered. Dancers who begin in level 2 or return from a break are caught up to their peers through individually tailored information provided during class.    

  • Ballet
  • Bollywood
  • Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Modern
  • Tap


Level 3, 4, 5

7th Grade through 12th Grade (Teens)
2-3 classes per week recommended

Levels 3, 4, and 5 are skills-based classes.  Teen dancers new to our program or new to a specific technique need to begin in level 3 and are invited to progress to level 4 and 5 at the discretion of the faculty.  Our classes blend together classical training concepts with up-to-date methods for a fun, challenging, and distinctive dance class experience.

  • Ballet
  • Bollywood
  • Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Modern
  • PrePointe
  • Pointe
  • Tap

MADE* Student Dance Company

*By invitation – learn more about our MADE Student Dance Company here.

MADE Student Dance Company

Placement by audition/invitation only Minimum of 5+ classes per week is recommended (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, Breakin’/Hip Hop, *MADE Company)

Boys Program

*All our classes are co-ed and we encourage our male dancers to sign up for all styles offered in our program.

Adult Dancers

Open level curriculum (beginners are welcome) with offerings including Tap, Ballet, Ballet for Babywearers, Hip Hop, Contemporary/Modern

Ninja Zone Schedule

Ninja Zone Uniform Required for all Participants. Uniforms are available to purchase from Mountain Kids.

Ninja Zone White
Ninja Zone Yellow

Ninja Zone Green


FALL REGISTRATION: Priority registration for currently enrolled students opens July 17th at 9am. Registration opens to the public on Saturday, July 20th at 9am. Fall Classes Begin August 19th!