Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics is a part of our human nature. Mountain Kids Louisville is a safe, fun place to build a healthy foundation for life. A place where kids of all ages build on this instinct to realize their true potential. Want to help your child get the hang of how to live a happy, healthy life? Start now, and discover how beneficial gymnastics for kids can be.

Gymnastics teaches more than just flips & twists, it gives your child skills for life!

Toddler Gymnastics Louisville, CO
Moonbeamers (under 3.5)

confident walkers up to age 3 (45 minutes)

A joyful class where children learn through movement and imaginative play with their favorite grown-up. Climb, explore, tumble, dance, laugh and pretend with friends in a positive, fun environment!

What To Expect In Your First Moonbeamer Class at Mountain Kids

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Gymnastics class Louisville CO
Rainbow Riders (3.5-5)

Run, climb, tumble, balance, hop, swing, giggle and learn in our Rainbow Rider gymnastics classes. Your child will feel the joy of movement and the excitement of imaginative play as they gain strength, coordination and confidence plus reading readiness!

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Super Stars (5-7)

Super Stars 1: A beginner level class for young school age gymnasts.

Super Stars 2: An advanced beginner class for our young gymnasts. Students in this class can perform the following skills; forward roll to stand, cartwheels, demonstrate confidence on high beam, backward rolls, and handstands against a wall.

Super Stars 3: An intermediate level class for our young gymnasts who have passed Super Stars I & II. Students in this class can perform pullovers, back hip circles, cartwheels, handstands, and kick-overs from a mat.

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Rising Stars (8+)

Rising Stars 1:A beginner level class for gymnasts 8+. A great class for those just starting gymnastics.

Rising Stars 2: An intermediate level class for gymnasts who have passed Rising Stars I or with previous gymnastics experience. Students in this class can perform the following skills; bridge kickovers from mat, cartwheels, handstand forward rolls, pullovers, and back hip circles.

Rising Stars 3: 1.5hr one time a week: An invitational class for gymnasts who have passed Rising Stars II. This is an advanced class for gymnasts who are interested in becoming part of our XCEL gymnastics team. 

Pre Team: Invitation only class and is designed to prepare students for our XCEL team program. 

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Gymnastics class Louisville CO
Shooting Stars (select)

The Shooting Stars program is an accelerated class program for gymnasts who are interested in progressing toward a competitive gymnastics career. Gymnasts must be tested and invited by one of our USAG team coaches for entry into this program.

Shooting Stars 1: 1hr

Shooting Stars 2:  1.5hr

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Competitive Teams (7+)

Mountain Kids Gymnastics is dedicated to providing a healthy team program. We are dedicated to putting the best interest of your gymnast as a person and growing athlete first and winning second. In the end, it is the health, enjoyment, friendships and life skills they gain from gymnastics that they will carry with them long after the medals, trophies and ribbons get put in a box and stored in an attic.

Mountain Kids Louisville offers both USAG & XCEL Competitive teams for girls. We are a USAG Member Club. A healthy, well rounded approach helps our gymnasts remain challenged and motivated while building self-confidence. Membership is by invitation. Inquire for pricing.

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FALL REGISTRATION: Priority registration for currently enrolled students opens July 17th at 9am. Registration opens to the public on Saturday, July 20th at 9am. Fall Classes Begin August 19th!