Ever wonder what your toddler is really up to during a gymnastics class or other organized group activity?

Are they having fun? How can I help? Who are their friends? Do they listen to the instructor? — these are the thoughts that may swirl through your mind.

The reality is, you can add your toddler’s class to your schedule, too. Attending a class with your child can relieve stress, build an unbeatable bond, and allow you both to get moving together.

While we know you don’t have an endless number of hours to spare, we promise that squeezing in a fun class with your toddler is an hour you’ll certainly remember.

Boost Memory

Aerobic exercise can fight the effects of aging in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory. That means your memory stays younger as you get older — and the same goes for your kid, too.

Toddlers improve memory through practicing physical activities. And having a good role model who attends class with them makes it easy for them to adopt the same habits.

Staying active can boost memory retention and overall better mental health for your child as they age. This could help them remember to do their homework!

Relieve Stress

Toddlers are like sponges who absorb our energy and behaviors — both positive and negative. When you’re stressed, your toddler might feel it too.

Aerobic exercise is a proven way to relieve stress in children and adults. Studies show that partner dance with music is an excellent way to feel at ease.

Active kids are happier and have fewer symptoms of depression than kids who are less active. As children age and enter their teen years, stress can skyrocket with new responsibilities and social challenges.

Getting them involved at a young age is also setting them up for the future and providing an outlet to relieve stress.

Build a Stronger Connection

Between hectic work and preschool schedules, getting some exercise and playtime in with your toddler can keep you emotionally connected to your children as they grow.

If you attend just one class with your toddler, you meet their social circles. You meet their coaches and friends, and learn what type of exercises your child does.

When your child talks to you about their friends or challenges in class, you will have a better understanding of who and what your child is talking about, which can bring you closer and help you be a more supportive parent than you already are.

Get Balanced

Gymnastics classes develop balance, strength, coordination and cardiovascular fitness — all tenets of health for you and your kids.

The Benefits of Taking a Class with Your toddler MK-001

Bilateral coordination is our ability to coordinate and control both sides of the body at the same time. The vestibular system, or balance system, controls our movement and orientation in space. Gymnastics allows us and our children to develop and exercise these two incredibly important systems.

Practice at Home

When you attend a class with your child, you can learn and practice exercises with them at home. This helps them better develop important skills, and it also gives you the chance to monitor their development. It’s always fun seeing your child’s milestones firsthand!

Use gymnastics as a fun way for the family to unwind and have some fun at home, or make it a weekly routine. The fun doesn’t have to be limited to the studio — bring the music and movement into your home, and make it a lifestyle!

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