Are your kids getting a little bit stir-crazy? We’d have a hard time believing you if you said no!

One of the reasons we started Mountain Kids in the first place was to give energetic children a positive and healthy way to play.

As soon as we decided to suspend in-person classes to promote safe social distancing, our team went into overdrive to figure out how to keep connecting with our students no matter where they are.

Because while your kids may not be able to attend their typical activity classes or other sports, there are so many reasons to keep our little ones active during this time:

While our doors may be temporarily closed, we’ve found a way to keep your kiddos moving, playing, and learning. Introducing Mountain Kids virtual learning services!

Mountain Kids Virtual Learning Services

Our new virtual learning services are available in two basic online formats — livestream classes and on-demand video courses.

Livestream Mountain Kids Classes from Home

This is a challenging time for families across the country. You may be feeling stressed about your job, cancelled plans, and the health of yourself and your loved ones.

The fact that you and your family can’t get out of the house doesn’t help, either.

Your kids are likely missing their friends and frustrated by the fact that they can’t play with them right now. But we’ve got the next best thing: Livestream dance, gymnastics, and NinjaZone classes 7 days a week.

With a couple of clicks, your children can be up on their feet dancing, jumping, and playing with other kids their age, guided in real time by our amazing instructors.

Mountain Kids offers multiple livestream classes throughout every day of the week.

Our livestream classes are designed for all our movers and shakers to socialize and interact with their instructors and other students. We offer multiple classes every single day of the week, which are all accessible through Zoom video-conferencing.

Get Your Kids Moving with On-Demand Virtual Classes

Imagine the scenario: You’re working from home and are presenting to a big client. Then your toddler comes bursting into the room, screaming and tracking what looks like mud (please let that be mud) across your carpet.

Sound familiar? Working from home with a house full of energetic kids is no easy feat. You need a healthy and productive way to keep your kids busy, especially during those times you need to jump on a work call or finish up some chores.

With on-demand dance, gymnastics, and NinjaZone classes from Mountain Kids and Mountain Contemporary Dance Arts, the solution you’ve been craving is finally here.

We offer pre-recorded, on-demand video classes so your kids can stay busy and engaged on a schedule that works for your family. They’re also great for keeping the little ones busy when you could use a break. Think of it as Netflix meets playtime.

How to Get Started with Virtual Learning Services

Both our live and on-demand classes have offerings for dancers, gymnasts, and NinjaZoners of every age and skill level.

Already a member?

All Mountain Kids and Mountain Contemporary Dance Arts members are automatically enrolled in our All-Access Virtual Learning program, which provides access to both our livestream classes and on-demand video content.

If you’re a current member, just log in to our Parent Portal to get started!

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Not a member yet?

Non-members can sign up for either our All-Access or On-Demand subscriptions — everyone is welcome, it doesn’t matter where you live!

You can choose from two packages:

All-Access Learning Subscription
$79 a month

With this monthly subscription, you get access to all virtual and on-demand Mountain Kids online learning offerings!

Your subscription includes

  • Live and on-demand dance, gymnastics, and NinjaZone classes for all ages and skill-levels
  • Virtual special events
  • Private instruction
  • Teacher check-ins
  • Special series
  • Skill development
  • And more!

Virtual On-Demand Learning Subscription
$49 a month

Our virtual on-demand classes provide the perfect opportunity for your kids to try something new, with the opportunities they need to keep building on their skills and strengths. Classes are broken down by age, class type (dance, gymnastics, or NinjaZone), and skill level.

Class age breakdown:

  • Toddler/Preschool Classes (Ages 2-4)
  • Elementary School Classes (Ages 5-12)
  • Middle School / High School Classes (Ages 13-18)

For just $49 a month, you get access to our extensive library of on-demand video content, with courses for all ages. Your kids can have fun, stay busy, and blow off some of the stress from being cooped up.

Creative Movement Outerspace April 6 from Mountain Kids Louisville on Vimeo.

Ready to get your kids moving? Sign your children up for online dance, gymnastics, or NinjaZone classes now! Register today »

Once you’ve registered for either an All-Access Learning Subscription or a Virtual On-Demand Learning Subscription, check your email for the password for virtual classes and get started!