Staying active during the fall months can be a challenge. It’s cold and dreary, and if your kids love to be outdoors playing with friends they might get easily bored and feel cooped up and isolated from their friends.

Socializing is good for us, especially at a young age. It’s an important process that helps build self-esteem and grow kids’ confidence. They might be uncomfortable or shy at first, but practice makes it easier and better every time.

Activities that get them out of the house are good for you too. When your kids are bored things get dicey. That’s when unexpected messes or squabbles with siblings can make you feel like pulling your hair out. Spending extra time together is a blessing, but so is getting that much-needed alone time.

That’s where we come in to make exercise fun and keep your kids moving. It may be cold outside, but we’re not going to let that stop us from having a good time.

So if you’re on the lookout for a fun activity your kids will enjoy while you snag a few hours to yourself for self-care or date night, see us at Mountain Kids for Kids Night Out!

What to Expect at Kid’s Night Out

Like many of our events, this is centered around our gymnastics curriculum and keeping kids active year-round while having a blast. All kids are welcome with any skill level. The goal of our events is to get out and have fun while building community and making new friends!

Starting soon from 5:30 – 8:30 pm, we’ll host your kids for open gym, games, arts & crafts, and more. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page to get the dates and add them to your calendar as they come up.

The best part? We’ll provide dinner!

Dinner with Friends

Nothing beats a pizza party! Except for a pizza party with pals.

Drop your kids off at 5:30, and we’ll ensure they’re not hungry when it’s time for pick-up. We’ll provide a pizza buffet your kids can enjoy for dinner with new friends as they get out and socialize at Kids Night Out.

Open Gym

Open gym is a fun way for Mountain Kids to mingle amongst different ages and classes in a low-key environment. It’s a place for all ages to build trust and gain confidence on the floor while having fun.

Open gym is an excellent opportunity for new and skilled gymnasts to practice their favorite moves. Don’t be surprised if your kids come back home totally exhausted but excited to show you their new moves.

Gym Games

Your kids will put their skills to the test while learning the true value of teamwork. We’ll break out into groups and learn something new about ourselves and each other.

The games we select are specifically chosen for their team-building capabilities. These usually create a bond between the kids in the classes so they’re excited to come back again and meet up with their new friends.

Arts & Crafts

We’ve done our best to design our program for all kids, whether you’ve got a star athlete or a soulful artist.

If your child isn’t sure they’ll want to tumble all night, we’ve got an arts & crafts table to ensure they’ll have a great time. And they’ll bring home something memorable too! 

A Night Everyone Will Enjoy

You’ll thank yourself for booking your child’s spot at Kids Night Out. Use the extra time to check out that new restaurant you’ve been meaning to go try.

However you spend your time, your kid will thank you. Because they’ll have a blast and get in some great exercise while socializing with friends.

Boo Bash

Spooky season has arrived and with it comes the return of our annual Boo Bash! If you have toddlers who aren’t in school this is the perfect event for you.

Mark your calendar for Friday, October 28th from 11:30 am -1 pm. In addition to our open gym, pizza party, and arts and crafts, we’ll be hosting a glow-in-the-dark dance party! Get your kids ready to parade around their best costumes and have fun with new friends.

Tickets are $25 a child and the event is for ages 0-6.

Other Activities

We hope you’ll join us for Kid’s Night Out, and Boo Bash! They’ll have such a wonderful time you’ll want to come back again for a class or birthday party.

We teach courses for groups by age and skill level, and we offer individual classes too. Some of the other fun-filled events we host are gymnastic meets, Ninja games, and birthday parties!

Buy Your Tickets

Tickets to Kids Night Out are $30 for your first child and $25 for any additional children from the same family. Current students from Mountain Kids will get a $5 dollar discount on all Kids Night Out events.

Come join us for events and activities that are sure to entertain as well as encourage, challenge, and inspire your child.

Call or email now to reserve your space at Kids Night Out! >

FALL REGISTRATION: Priority registration for currently enrolled students opens July 17th at 9am. Registration opens to the public on Saturday, July 20th at 9am. Fall Classes Begin August 19th!