At Mountain Kids, we’re dedicated to providing children with fun and engaging learning experiences with top-notch teachers and instructors. 

When it comes to MCDA, our dance instructors are compassionate, highly experienced, and excited to help your child be their very best — inside and out.

This month, we’re recognizing Alison Fletcher for her hard work and care when teaching students, and how she helps make MCDA the reputable dance school that it is.

Meet Alison Fletcher!

Alison grew up in Colonial Heights, Virginia, and first started dance school at 8 years old. As an ambitious teenager, she participated in several dance competitions throughout high school and would later get her degree in Dance Education from James Madison University.

After graduating, Alison moved to north Africa where she lived and danced professionally. In 2017, she moved to colorful Colorado. She now dances with the Industrial Dance Alliance and 3rd Law Dance Theatre, and adores teaching at Mountain Kids Contemporary Dance Arts!

A Jack of All Trades

Alison specializes in and teaches a variety of classes at MCDA including Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, and Tap. She’s been teaching here since 2018, and her versatility and passion make her a very important member of our team.

Alison’s favorite parts of working with Mountain Kids are her coworkers and students. Her coworkers are extremely kind and supportive, and she’s excited to see her students grow their skills and confidence. 

Compassionate and Professional

When a class gets a bit rowdy, Alison is great at calming down the students by letting them know just how much she appreciates them while reminding them about important class rules: respect, work hard, and have fun! 

Her caring nature inspires our students to be their best selves while encouraging them to grow as individuals.

A Few Wise Words From Alison

Alison has a great piece of advice for aspiring dancers: “At a recent workshop, we were reminded that there is no growth without some discomfort. Don’t let fear of being uncomfortable keep you from growing!”

She is dedicated to helping children face their fears and stage fright in order to help them become confident and well-rounded dancers.

Why Choose MCDA?

Our professional and healthy dance curriculum is dedicated to helping your child with their mental, physical, emotional, and social development.

Our instructors are professional and caring, with advanced degrees in dance and years of varied experience. They use their skills and passion to motivate their students’ desires to learn and excel.

We offer enriching, cultural experiences like masterclasses and trips to local dance theatres and companies. We foster an appreciation of the arts within our students.

Our annual recitals help fund local non-profits in Boulder. We work hard to make our recitals stress-free and professional. We strive to develop each student’s unique skills and potential through positive, supportive, and fun learning experiences.

Looking for the Right Dance Teacher for Your child?

Our staff is the backbone of MCDA, and Alison has shown that with her dedication and care when inspiring the next generation of dancers. Her unique experiences and bubbly personality help make MCDA special and inviting, and we’re very grateful to have her on our team.

If you want the best dance education for your children, you’ll need the support of experienced and compassionate instructors. Our team is dedicated to providing your child with top-quality lessons while helping them develop their confidence and overall fitness. 

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