It’s never too late to live out your dreams – even if your dream is to learn ballet. While ballet is an activity many people associate with childhood, others prove this theory wrong by enjoying ballet at any age. 

In some ways you can enjoy ballet even more as an adult than you might have as a kid. Now, you have a new appreciation for things like physical health, meditation in movement, and the joy of learning something new. 

Shake up your work out life by enrolling in a class that’s both mentally and physically engaging, and leaves out no part of the body – ballet! Being an adult doesn’t mean it’s too late to feel the grace and strength ballet can bring to your life. 

The benefits of ballet for adults are great enough that they can improve your life in surprising ways.

Here are a few reasons why joining ballet as an adult could be the best choice you make all year.

Ballet Improves Your Posture

Ballet helps improve posture in a few different ways. It strengthens your core muscles, helping keep your spine supported.

Ballet also helps your brain communicate with your body, improving coordination and balance for daily activities. 

Proper ballet training requires hip alignment and a long spine. Focusing on these things in ballet help you stay more aware of how you hold your body in your day to day life, from sitting at your laptop to walking to your car.  

You might be surprised how much posture has an impact on your health. Healthy posture not only helps you appear taller and more confident, but it can help you stay healthy, too. 

Healthy posture means:

  • Less strain on your neck and back, which reduces aches and pains
  • Improved digestion
  • A healthy spine, which means better blood flow and more muscle support

Ballet Helps Reduces Stress

Being an adult comes with lots of decisions to make and opportunities for growth. And whether we like it or not, this often leads to some stress. 

Sure, you’ve tried a glass of wine at night or some stretches in the morning to help combat it. But why not include a mind and body meditation like ballet in your stress-busting routine? You’ll thank yourself for it. 

Ballet requires focusing on muscles you often take for granted. This level of focus creates a mind-body connection that helps you better tap in to your body and its needs. So the next time you’re feeling frazzled, you’ll be more likely to pause and listen to yourself so you’ll know how to properly self-soothe. 

Ballet also releases endorphins to help regulate your mind and give you a nice rush of joy to help prevent and ease stress. 

The rush of accomplishment after a few adult beginner ballet classes can also help ease stress. Taking the risk to try something new and making progress can remind you of the bigger picture in life. 

Ballet Helps Prevent Injuries

Let’s face it…now that you’re getting older, we’re getting a little more prone to aches, pains and injuries. Weaker knees and ankles, tired backs, the list goes on. 

Your body has done a lot for you, and it’s time to show it some appreciation. 

Taking a ballet class for adults that goes at the pace you desire helps improve your strength, balance and coordination. And a stronger, more balanced and coordinated you means less muscle strain, and a lower likelihood of falls or other injuries. 

It might even help you prepare for the next new thing you try, so prepare to ask for that promotion you’ve been eyeing!

Ballet Helps You Tap into Your Creativity

Whether you’re a writer with writer’s block, an artist feeling uninspired, or simply appreciate DIY crafts and the rush of creativity, it might be time to try adult ballet. 

As a kid, creativity is encouraged daily. From coloring books to playing pretend, every activity offers a chance to tap into your inner creative genius. 

But as you get older, it can become difficult to exercise our creative muscles. And even though it takes a bit more effort, it’s worth it. 

Staying creative helps your brain stay sharp in the long run, by:

  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Improving cognitive ability
  • Reducing stress
  • Helping you feel part of a community

Ballet helps you tap into creativity in a few different ways. When you have a desire to improve your skills, you come up with creative new ways to better yourself – new methods of movement, new ways to push your limits and more.

The combination of music and movement also helps spark imagination. You can walk into a ballet class as a banker taking a break after the work day, and leave feeling like a superstar thanks to the new ways you’ve learned how to express yourself and the timeless music that took you there. 

Ballet Improves Your Energy and Stamina

When it comes to energy levels, you can only rely on coffee so much. 

Ballet, like many workouts, can help increase your stamina both for future workouts and everyday tasks. 

Doing ballet also helps improve circulation. Better circulation means a stronger heart, and a stronger heart means more energy to do the things you love the most.  

The stronger your heart, the more effective it is at supporting your brain in dopamine production, which can help boost your mood, focus, and energy levels throughout the day.

Join an Adult Ballet Class Today

In addition to holistically healing your body and mind, ballet can be fun! It’s a new opportunity to test your limits with others who are ready to experience new things in life. Or you can jump back in to things you loved as a kid.  

Plus, what better example to set for your kids? 

The next time they’re hesitant to try something new or afraid to fail, you’ll have an example of a time you went out on a limb and reaped even more benefits than you imagined. 

Happy body, happy mind, happy family – all the things we strive for here at Mountain Kids. 

Join our adult ballet classes and begin a new chapter of your life>

FALL REGISTRATION: Priority registration for currently enrolled students opens July 17th at 9am. Registration opens to the public on Saturday, July 20th at 9am. Fall Classes Begin August 19th!