Do you have a little running, climbing, adventuresome tiny person at home? Have you ever wondered if there’s a gymnastics class that might be a perfect for this ball of energy?

Maybe you’ve heard of other parents taking their 1 or 2 year-old-to gymnastics classes, but you’re skeptical about your own child’s readiness.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “They haven’t seen my child in action. They’re a small, adorable (and at times frightening) dictator who listens to no one. And when I try to control this fearsome being, the resulting tantrum can make a grown adult shiver in their boots!”

Or on the other end of the spectrum, maybe your child is shy and clings to you like a baby koala. This could leave you wondering if your child would be able to get out of their shell and enjoy a gymnastics class at this age.

Whether your child is an endless ball of energy or on the shy side, Moonbeamers is a gymnastics class that can boost their confidence and harness their energy into creative movement.

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What is Moonbeamers?

Moonbeamers is a parent-toddler class that provides just the right balance of social interaction, age appropriate activities, and parent-child bonding opportunities to suit nearly every toddler that comes through our doors.

Moonbeamers encompasses the age range from confident walkers all the way to 3-year-olds. This class is less about getting younger children to follow exact directions, but more about exploration and trying out new skills and activities.

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Honoring the Way of the Toddler

Some weeks your child may be fiercely independent, and other weeks they may want you to hold their hand the whole time, or may not want to try any of the skills that you know they can do.

That is “the way of the toddler.” We may not always understand it, but we support our kiddos the best we can, and encourage them to find something they do want to try.

The younger Moonbeamers will often find one or two activities that they are fascinated with (or that they already know they can do on their own – like the slide) and stick with these comfortable activities.

They may move more slowly, need more assistance and do things out of order. And that is all okay! We just tell the speedsters to “go around!”

We feel it is developmentally appropriate for children this age to show their caregivers what they’re interested in, rather than being required to do all activities. This is why we say Moonbeamers is “child led.”

Our only real rules at Moonbeamers is to keep the kids safe (which means staying close by them) and out of the other classes.

We are always concerned with safety, and will be spotting and correcting your child’s form to keep them safe. But we won’t force kids through any skills or activities they’re not willing to try.

Celebrating Wins

Here at Mountain Kids, we believe in building character through positive coaching.

That’s why we love to celebrate the little accomplishments that happen each week. For some kids that’s climbing the steps without help, while for others it’s a tuck jump on the trampoline.

That’s the beauty of gymnastics — your child can grow and learn at their own pace, while you and your child’s Moonbeamer coach helps guide them to the next fun skill that they are ready for.

The goal of Moonbeamers is to focus on keeping your child active, engaged, and most of all having fun!

If you think you’d like to give this class a try with your toddler, give us a call at 303-665-8287 to schedule your free trial class.

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